VALIANT is a gothic-horror fantasy animated short film.  The tale of a legendary knight hellbent on tracking down the nefarious werewolf that killed his family years before.  Valiant is Black Sun’s fifth short film and will feature story concepts, situations, and visuals not typical to high-end keyframe animation.

When we sat down and looked at the story we wanted to tell and what it would look like, we quickly realized this was going to be something incredibly special.David Weinstein

Valiant has been in pre-production since 2019.  The 8-minute short film features several high-end characters, creatures, and multiple environments that have each been art directed and designed to deliver a truly unique and one of a kind animated experience.  Valiant will be released to film and animation festivals worldwide upon completion.  To learn more about this production, see what we are working on, or contribute please consider our Paypal Support, Patreon System, or Email Us for additional details.


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