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Are you an artist, animator, filmmaker or producer looking for something special to contribute to?  Are you looking to collaborate with cool talented people from around the world?  Black Sun is looking for like-minded artists, filmmakers, and volunteers interested in joining our ever-growing league of assassins.

Who are we?  We are a collective of friends and professionals from around the globe who love animation, visual effects, video games, anime, comic books, movies, and TV.  We have been creating high-end short films, feature film & TV proof of concepts, screen tests, and IP pitches using animation, live-action filming, and visual effects since 2010.  To see our work, visit our YOUTUBE page where you can view a few of our no budget, public projects that have a combined view count of more than 20 million across all platforms.

Our entire operation and pipeline is constructed for offsite remote style workflow.  You can contribute from anywhere – in any time zone as long as you have stable internet and proper hardware and software.  Full credit given for all work.  How do we know how to do all this?  The core team at Black Sun has veteran industry experience working at film, TV, and video games studios like Industrial Light & Magic, Digital Domain, Sony Pictures Animation, Infinity Ward, Blizzard Ent, Valve, The Third Floor Inc, Marvel, Walt Disney, Warner Bros, Dreamworks, Insomniac Games, and many others.

We have a multitude of tasks in many areas and would love to hear from you.  Below are some of the key areas we are actively looking for volunteer-based help with:

  • Maya Character Rigging
  • Hardsurface and Organic Modeling
  • Texture Painting
  • Redshift Look Development
  • Scifi and Fantasy Concept Art
  • Maya Character Animation
  • Maya Lighting
  • Motion Capture Specialists
  • Cloth and Simulation
  • Yeti Simulation

Don’t see your area of expertise but still want to be involved or get in touch?  Don’t hesitate.  Message us and send us a link to your work by CLICKING HERE.  Thank you for your interest and consideration we look forward to hearing from you!

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