Black Sun Entertainment is a collective of long time friends and filmmakers from around the globe brought together by their love of animation, visual effects, and great stories.  We are unfunded, new school, street-level assassins on a mission to create iconic unforgettable content that stands the test of time.

David Weinstein, a partially deaf director, and former animator launched Black Sun in 2008 as an outlet to the frustrations he faced while working in the Hollywood film industry.  It is no secret that many artists working in the animation, visual effects, and video game industries are burned out due to the same old repetitive content.

I was really just sick and tired of american animation only being used for safe comedy style PG children’s films.  I’ve been in the film and animation industry for 20 years and it is only just now, due to the rise of streaming platforms and Covid-19 that people are considering animation for more than children.  It’s been a long time coming… and it looks incredibly promising.David Weinstein

“Pixar for teenagers and adults” is sort of our motto.  We grew up on Star Wars, The Matrix, Terminator, and Japanese animation like Akira, Ghost in the Shell, and Dragon Ball.  Why is no one making PG-13 CG animated films or TV shows?  Marvel has continually broken the all-time worldwide gross records with their movies… these kinds of action-adventure fantasy stories could easily be animated productions.  We would know, we worked on 6 of their productions.

Visual effects supervisor, Adam Coggin, has been with the studio since it’s early days.  He works for Black Sun from Atlanta, Georgia via the use of a slick cloud-based production pipeline he developed. The entire team is connected seamlessly with all feedback and meetings conducted online. We use a private Team Server where each department’s work is shared, meetings are live-streamed and screen share “dailies” sessions happen much like a Zoom call on steroids. It’s all pretty cool.  A public server will soon be available to fans who want to follow along and get involved in the process.

The beauty of animation and visual effects is that we can create anything we want without the endless restrictions of a live action production.  That’s the power of animation, especially if you understand how it works and how it can be used efficiently. When Covid-19 hit everyone was in a rush to setup remote production pipelines and workflows.  We were already ahead of the curve.  We have team members in Austria, Spain, Canada, Germany, Africa, England, and across the United States involved.  It’s the future of production, especially for animation.Adam Coggin

We get asked a lot how we put all this together with no budget and the answer is simple… passion.  We love this stuff.. we eat, sleep, and breathe it.  We just want to work with cool people on cool stuff.  We’ve worked on the huge big-budget tentpole productions and they are not that fun… and more often then not, those projects can be extremely unrewarding and demoralizing.
The Black Sun collective has worked on many of the film, game, and television industries biggest hits including; Avengers Infinity War & End Game, Star Wars Saga, The Matrix trilogy, The Last of Us, God of War 3, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Westworld, and The Walking Dead.  But despite these great accomplishments, our team believes that developing original stories and creating dynamic content void of politics, agendas, and discrimination is where the real creative high is.  The Hollywood system can be a pretty frustrating place for creatives… this is why we are doing our own thing.  The way it was meant to be.
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