New Azureus

AZUREUS Animated Series is now in production ?  Azureus is the coolest animated series you’ve ever seen.

The story and universe for this project is expansive and full of many characters, settings, and twists. The series is created by the original Azureus Rising team plus new and exciting talent to help realize the story. Azureus is self-funded in order to retain the integrity of our original vision. This is why we need your help.  You can contribute and help us make content even faster and better while following along and being a part of the process by joining our PATREON or donating to our PAYPAL cause.

In addition… we want to show you how we making the show.  We will be live and in real-time as we produce the show and create it.  There’s going to be behind the scenes previews, work in progress content, wallpapers & posters, toys & merchandise, creative and narrative polls, watch parties, live streams, workflow videos, access to media files, and mentorship opportunities with our team to help guide you on your own passion projects.

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