New Azureus animated series coming this summer?  Azureus is the coolest animated series you’ve ever seen.

Not just for kids, this series is going to be PG-13… even touching on R in some cases.  This is something that most TV studios and animation producers are afraid of doing.  And that is why we are doing it, to do something fresh that breaks the mold of typical CG animated TV shows.

Not only that… we want to show you how we are doing it too.  We will be live and in real-time as we produce the show and create it.  There’s going to be behind the scenes sneak previews, work in progress videos and edits, exclusive wallpapers & posters, toys & merchandise, polls to influence creative and narrative decisions, watch parties with the crew, live streams, workflow videos, access to actual 3D files and rigs, and opportunities to learn first hand from us as we mentor and guide you on your own projects.  It’s going to be awesome.


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