Help Us Make History!

We made a proof of concept screen test years ago called AZUREUS RISING with no funding that went on to become a viral sensation, win unexpected festival awards, and receive Hollywood film offers.  It’s a long story… and it was nuts.

Years later, we still love the project, and in order to maintain the integrity and the original vision, we are doing it independently.  Azureus is darker than most animated TV shows and deals with mature themes and situations.  This is something that most TV studios and animation producers are afraid of.  This is why we need your help.

No one is making any CG animated shows like AZUREUS.  Not Netflix, Amazon, Disney, or Apple.

In addition to making the series… we want to show you how we are doing it too.  We will be LIVE as we produce the show and create it.  Our team is comprised of volunteers from around the world all working from home during these insane times.  Everything we are doing is self-funded / non-funded.  This is why we are launching a PATREON contribution page and accepting donations via PAYPAL SUPPORT.  Your support will allow us to focus on delivering cool new episodic Azureus content faster and at the highest possible caliber bar.

Patron supporters will have access to; behind the scenes sneak previews, LIVE streams, works in progress, wallpapers & posters, toys & merchandise, creative input, breakdown videos, media files, and mentorship opportunities on your own artistic projects.

So now with all that said, there’s only one thing left to do…  CLICK HERE to join us and together we can rule the galaxy.

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