ENVOY is a science fiction action-adventure short film and feature film proof of concept.  Two troubled brothers discover a deadly alien creature on the run and wind up entangled in a top-secret government operation.

The short film was shot in four days on RED camera systems and completed with a team of 12 CG artists.  An anamorphic live-action CGI workflow was developed and the construction of CG Apache helicopters, CG basketball, CG birds, CG corn, and the hero alien character we call “Aeon” was all rendered on just 5 computers.

Envoy has become a viral hit with more than 11 million views across all platforms and has been featured on countless websites, blogs, and social media feeds around the world.  Black Sun is actively looking for production partners, producers, and financiers to adapt the feature-length script into a PG-13 thrill ride filled tons of cool visual effects-driven action and a powerful heartfelt story. To learn more about this production, see what we are working on, or contribute please consider our Paypal SupportPatreon System, or Email Us for additional details.

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