Azureus Rising

Azureus Rising is a proof of concept | animated short film released in 2010.  The short was designed to showcase the look and style of a planned animated feature film trilogy.  In addition, a TV series and video game were also intended to part of the IP’s future.

The entire production was a self-funded passion project by creator/director David Weinstein who spent 3 years planning, developing, and directing all aspects.  After working for Hollywood film studios like Lucasfilm, Sony Pictures, and Warner Bros, David was inspired to develop an animated property that had a more mature live-action story sensibility.  While most animated films rely on cheap jokes and comedy formulas aimed at children, Azureus Rising was made for teenagers, video gamers, and comic book fans.

We’ve all seen the funny animated films, the cute ones, the sad ones… but where’s the cool ones?  The badass ones?  That’s what Azureus Rising is.  It’s the coolest animated film you’ve ever seen.David Weinstein

After taking home six unexpected festival awards including Best Film, Best Animated Film, and Best Visual, Azureus Rising was released online and to date has amassed more than 10 million combined views.  Azureus Rising struck an intended chord with fans all around the world as it was inspired by, designed by, and created by a highly diverse team of both western and eastern filmmakers.

Soon after, Azureus Rising sparked interest across the Hollywood circuits where everyone from Micheal Bay to Will Smith was interested.  This ultimately led to Azureus Rising receiving feature film offers and development deals.  The Azureus Rising fans can read a first-hand account in a candid open letter written by David Weinstein HERE.

Fast forward to now… Azureus is still alive and we are excited to continue his journey as we prepare to launch the short-form Azureus animated series.  This show will encompass the Azureus Rising story and will bring the saga to its full and true potential.  Below is some of the amazing fan support we have received from followers worldwide.  From all of us at Black Sun, thank you for your continued support and patience!  Azureus FTW ⚡

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